Wallace's Crazy Acres ~ founded June 2008

Our  farm is located on 10  beautiful acres near Casey, Illinois. My husband, Jason,
is the slave of the goat slave (me) and he is indispensable as my right hand man
and builder of fences. After helping a friend with with her herd of Myotonics, I fell in
love with the breed. My herd started with a few goats and has grown to over 30
since kidding began in January 2012.

We both love the Myotonics for their wonderful, gentle personalities; parasite
resistance; great mothering skills; and their love of being near us humans.
They bring smiles and laughter to our lives on a daily basis!

Wallace's Crazy Acres Kemper
Grand Champion wether 9/13/14
At International Goat Days
Received his 2nd point

Sparkle shown/owned by
Russell Hogan FNG Farms

In addition to our fainting goats, we also have
4 rescued horses named Junior, Phoenix, Sundance and Cherokee, a llama named Lexi, 3 dogs, and assorted cats.

     Most of my goats are medium to large size and shorter haired due to our hot and humid summers. All of my goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry and some are also registered with IFGA.

In memory of our beloved

You will be forever in our hearts

Junior & Phoenix

Sundance & Cherokee

Member of MGR and IFGA

We Accept

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